Reactive Maintenance Services on hand to support retail business
January 10, 2019

Top Tips to Get You Through the Post Christmas Rush with Reactive Maintenance Services

Give Your Store A Makeover

The large volume of footfall and rough and tough nature of the Christmas and Boxing Day shopping can badly impact the look and lustiness of the store. Tills, lights, heating, security cameras and alarms have all been used more often than usual in such a short space of time. Consequently things breakdown or go wrong. Anderson Property Services suggest having a property maintenance or facility management company on hand who supply reactive maintenance services to fix any emergency or urgent problems.

As well as this, the general look and feel of the property may need some tidying up. It is vital to keep your store looking fresh and clean so in the quieter winter months re-paint the walls, re merchandise your stock and look into other ways you can modernise and spruce up your store.

Have a Clearance Plan

Many people look forward to the end of year/ January sales to grab some good deals. It is vital to markdown older but valuable stock to clear space for newer trends/items coming into the summer months. Merchandise your sale products to look attractive and inviting – busy, cluttered sale rails no longer work in today retail environment. Commercialise on gift card purchase – up selling products for these transactions. Be prepared for lots and lots of returns/ unwanted gifts. You can capitalise this by having an exchange policy and cut down your returns period to 14 or 28 days.

Better Targeted Products = Increased Sales

New season product is the most exciting time of year, so make sure you buy in the correct merchandise. Carefully analyse your previous years sales. What were people buying? How much were they spending? This way you can create your budget. Forecast future trends – what will people be wanting to purchase? How much will be be willing to spend? Finally analyse your Christmas sales/ period to plan ahead for even better results next peak season.

A worker using a semi electric pallet stacker within the warehouse environment.
December 7, 2018

Fitting a Semi Electric Pallet Stacker into Your Warehouse Inventory

The warehousing industry can be tough around this time of year. It’s nearly Christmas and everyone is attempting to get in their last minute presents, and orders online just continue to grow and grow with every festive season that passes. Now more than ever, warehouses and supply chain companies need to be at their most efficient. Being efficient means having fluid processes and all of the right equipment for the job. We began looking at all of the different types of machines which our friends in the warehouse industry use, to get a sense of what could help other businesses. One of the key items which were shared with us was the semi electric pallet stacker. Perfect for warehouses holding and supplying thousands of goods daily.

Read on to find out more about what we thought of the semi electric pallet stacker.

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alloy wheel wraps
May 11, 2018

Alloy Wheel Wrap | Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping Your Wheels

When it comes to customising your car, there are a lot of options out there. Many people used to paint their vehicles but this decreases the resale value of the car. Vinyl wrapping for the body and alloy wheel wrap design are two great alternatives that won’t damage the original paintwork and can act as a protective layer.


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Organised for productivity
April 14, 2018

How to Plan for a Productive Workday

The line between work lives and personal lives is often blurred. We find ourselves taking work calls at home and checking emails before bed after a long day in the office. Whilst some of us thrive on the constant work life it can often lead to us burning out and our productivity dwindling. So how can we plan for a productive work day?

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A warehouse where a scissor lift pallet truck may be used.
August 15, 2018

How A Scissor Lift Pallet Truck Could Help Your Business

In any business, it’s important to have the right equipment for the job at hand. If you are in an industry which requires you to own a warehouse, for example, if you are a manufacturer or transport service. In warehouses, there is a vast range of different pieces of equipment that you could utilise in order to make your business more efficient. It can also help your staff who may have struggled to complete tasks before without the help of such equipment. A scissor lift pallet truck is an invaluable piece of equipment that we recommend for just about any business needing to move goods around a warehouse or onto a transport.

Read on and see why a scissor lift pallet truck is a great idea for any business.

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Scrabble chips spelling SEO in Glasgow
December 20, 2017

Why You Need SEO in Glasgow Businesses

If you have a business then you have most likely heard of SEO. You may have heard it works wonders for other companies but aren’t sure why it is so beneficial. You might also be confused about how to go about getting SEO services or if you really need it at all. This guide has been created to highlight the main benefits of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. After reading through these comments I’m certain you will need no further clarification as to why you should invest in SEO for Glasgow business.

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