Professional Photographer Glasgow | Types of Portrait Photography

Photography is a beautiful thing. You can capture all sorts of moments with the click of a button. Here are the different types of portrait photography, as well as the benefits of hiring a professional photographer in Glasgow.

Traditional Portrait

Traditional portraiture is when a person’s face is the predominant element in the picture. The model is generally looking directly at the camera. This is the most popular type of photography used for headshots, school photos and many family photoshoots.

Environmental Portrait

Environmental portraiture is when an image is captured of someone in their natural environment. Some examples of this include;

  • A chef in a kitchen
  • A teacher in a classroom
  • A baker in a bakery

This type of portrait is used to capture the character of the subject. The surroundings compliment the subject. This is usually set up by the photographer.

Candid Portrait

A candid photo is taken without the subject knowing or acknowledging the camera or photographer. These photos are similar to environmental photos, only they are natural and in the moment rather than set up. This is most commonly used in paparazzi photographing celebrities, it’s also used in travel photography and event photography.

Glamour Portrait

Glamour portraiture aims to emphasise the sex/romantic appeal of the subject.

Lifestyle Portrait

Lifestyle portraiture highlights the ‘style of living’ of the people in the picture. This is generally identified as being a mix of environmental and candid portraiture. It’s an excellent way to show life experience and evoke emotion. Many industries use this style of photography including fashion and editorial, pharmaceutical and food industries. This style is also commonly seen in wedding and family photography.

Surreal Portrait

Surreal portraiture is used to create or emphasise another reality. These are usually very creative and abstract pieces that have a hidden meaning, often reflecting a person’s subconscious.

Conceptual Portrait

Conceptual portraiture is when a fourth dimension is added to the photo. There is often a hidden meaning in these types of photos, but the hidden meaning is for the audience to decide. Most conceptual photographers don’t like when you ask what a photo means, as they want you to decide for yourself. These types of photos are often used in advertising.

Abstract Portrait

Abstract photography is made with the intention of making art, it is not based on realism in the lightest. Images are often edited and manipulated.

After a Professional Photographer in Glasgow?

Taking selfies is still all the rage. But nothing beats hiring a professional photographer in Glasgow. Some of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer includes;

Lights – professional photographers will have the appropriate lighting required to take great photos.

Equipment – they will also have state of the are equipment and knowledge on how to use it.

Retouching – you don’t need to worry about taking a bad photo as they can be retouched by a professional photographer.

Personal – when you hire a professional photographer, it will likely be one-to-one, unless you go with a group.

Backdrops – when you go to a professional photoshoot there will be a range of backgrounds to choose from to give you the perfect setting.

Hassle Free – hiring a photographer is stress and hassle free experience.