How to Plan for a Productive Workday

The line between work lives and personal lives is often blurred. We find ourselves taking work calls at home and checking emails before bed after a long day in the office. Whilst some of us thrive on the constant work life it can often lead to us burning out and our productivity dwindling. So how can we plan for a productive work day?

Start your day right

Start your day as you mean to go on. Give yourself plenty of time in the morning to get ready so you don’t feel rushed. As obvious as it seems a good breakfast can set you for a good day ahead. Eat a proper and healthy breakfast so hunger doesn’t plague you mid-morning during a busy workday.

Good breakfast

To Do

The old fashioned To Do lists are still the most effective way to plan your day. Start your morning by looking at the tasks that need to be completed that day and prioritise them. Staying organised and having a written plan is the best way to help you stay focused for a productive day ahead. Whilst it’s important to stay on track and work through your tasks make sure you have enough flexibility for any unforeseen meetings or circumstances that may arise.

To Do List

Stop Multitasking

This complements your To Do list. Studies have shown that multitasking does not improve productivity as many believe. Stanford University found that some participants who constantly multitask could not give their full attention to the task at hand, recall information or produce sufficient work. Multitasking may feel like you are accomplishing a lot at once but really you are completing a small amount of work and wasting time switching between tasks. If you stay focused on one task at a time you are more likely to give it your full attention and finish it in a shorter timeframe.

Check in

A good way to start your work day for maximum productivity is a quick meeting with your team and colleagues. Start your morning with an informal 5-10 minute meeting to discuss the end goal for the day for everyone. This allows you to connect with your team and boost motivation for the day ahead.

Clock out

This is one of the most important ways to ensure you keep the productivity flowing. Make sure you draw the line between work life and personal life. Switch off your work phone, stop checking emails and leave your files in the office. A work and personal life balance is very important as it stops you from overworking and eventually burning out. Spend your time doing something you enjoy in your spare time and remember to relax.