Alloy Wheel Wrap | Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping Your Wheels

When it comes to customising your car, there are a lot of options out there. Many people used to paint their vehicles but this decreases the resale value of the car. Vinyl wrapping for the body and alloy wheel wrap design are two great alternatives that won’t damage the original paintwork and can act as a protective layer.


What is Vinyl Wrapping?

Vinyl wrapping is commonly done on the main body of a car. Cars can be partially wrapped (certain sections of the car) or fully wrapped. This is done to change the colour and appearance of a car, as well as protecting the original paintwork from minor scratches and scrapes. This can uphold the value of the car.

Vinyl wrapping is not just for the main body of the car either. There are plenty of alloy wheel wrap designs out there so you can customise and protect your alloys.

Some of the advantages of vinyl wrapping include;

  • Helps protect car from minor scratches and scrapes
  • Easily removed with no damage to body
  • Original paintwork preserved
  • Cars re-sale value maintained
  • Cheaper than re-painting


Alloy Wheel Wrap Options

There are different options when it comes to alloy wheel wrap, including;

Full Wheel Wrap

Full alloy wheel wraps aren’t done very often; this is due to them usually being really complex jobs. Companies may prefer not to fully wrap a wheel as they can become damaged and begin to peel easily. If you do what to fully wrap your wheel it is possible with the use of a high-quality lacquer finish, bear in mind that this may cause more.

Edge Wrapping

Edge wrapping is far more common when it comes to alloy wheel wraps. This can give you a similar look to diamond cutting and give your alloys a sense of style. This process will take less time, so may cost less.

alloy wheel wrap

Advantages of Alloy Wheel Wraps

Some of the advantages of getting alloy wheel wraps include;

  • Alloy wheel wrap grabs attention
  • Re-painting automatically decreases the value of the car
  • Easily removed with no damage to wheels
  • Safe
  • Looks good

alloy wheel wrap

Wheel Wrapping with Vinyl Sheets

Wrapping your wheels with vinyl sheets can make your car stand out. Nowadays, people don’t want to fit into a specific box, they are constantly looking to break the mould and be unique, alloy wheel wrap designs are a good way to do it. Designs can be customised how you want them and can come in pretty much any colour or pattern.

 alloy wheel wrap

Where Can I Get Alloy Wheel Wrap Sheets?

If you are interested in getting alloy wheel wrap designs custom made, then there are a lot of option out there. You need to be careful though, with vinyl wraps you pretty much get what you pay for. Some wraps will feel and look the same as good quality ones but can actually take the paint off or fade over time, causing damage to the original paint work in your car.

Ensure you go to a trusted and professional company that specialise in producing the finest vinyl wheel wraps that there are on offer.