August 3, 2022

How To Organise An Event

Setting Clear Objectives

When organising an event, you should have specific, measurable goals for the whole event. These goals should relate to the purpose of the event and the organisation’s overall goals. In other words, they should be specific, measurable, and achievable. A clear objective will make it easier to track your success and set realistic targets for the event.

Create A Marketing Plan

Before creating a marketing plan for an event, determine your goal and target audience. Whether your event focuses on a single goal or multiple goals, all your marketing tactics must align with that goal. For example, if your event aims to boost sales, all your marketing content should drive sales and your marketing tactics should focus on those sales. To make sure you can effectively reach your target audience, develop a SWOT analysis, and create a marketing plan around the key metrics.

Create A Timeline

Creating a timeline for an event will help you plan out the important aspects of an event. Firstly, it is important to know that the length of a timeline will vary depending on the event’s complexity. A large event, for instance, will need a longer timeline than a small one. In addition, you must be aware of flexible and fixed event dates when creating a timeline.

Create A List Of Potential Sponsors

Creating a list of potential sponsors for your event should begin with research. Understand the demographics of your audience and what makes them tick. What is their personality and what do they stand for? What is their marketing goal? How much money are they willing to spend? This information is vital in crafting an effective sponsorship proposal. Once you have compiled your list of possible sponsors, reach out to them. Be sure to include their contact information and marketing goals.

August 3, 2022

Why Should You Install Triple Glazing Windows In East Kilbride?

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills, consider a triple glazing. Its triple pane design helps to reduce heat loss, prevent cold spots, and improve security. Not to mention, it increases the value of your house. Replacing your windows when they become tired over time is the best way to renovate your home, as well as keeping the property’s security in top condition. Here is what you should know before installing triple glazing windows in East Kilbride:

Reduces Heat Loss

If your home is poorly insulated, triple glazing is unlikely to save you any money. The best way to get triple glazing is to invest in well-insulated windows, which have low-E coatings. Triple glazing is 40% more efficient than double glazing and costs about ten per cent more, but you’ll save money in the long run. It is also worth considering heat recovery ventilation.

Window glass is a major source of heat loss. If your window is ill-insulated, it is easy for the heat to escape. You can’t see this from outside, but it can easily add up to 15 to 20% to your annual heating bill. And if you have single-pane windows, this amount increases dramatically.

Reduces Cold Spots

The main advantage of installing triple glazing is that it can reduce cold spots significantly. Although triple glazing costs more than double glazing, its U-value is much lower than that of a normal window. You can still install double glazing, but you’ll be better off with triple glazing if the rest of the house is well insulated. 

Improved Security

Installing triple glazing on your windows increases security and peace of mind. These windows have an additional pane of glass, meaning that they are more difficult to break. The extra pane of glass is toughened, making it even harder for burglars to break in.

Triple glazing is an affordable investment, resulting in improved security. The extra glass panes offer a higher deflection force than double glazing, and the air between them acts like a spring, counteracting deformation and spreading force more evenly. It also offers a higher level of security, thanks to steel reinforcement frames.

Increases Property Value

Many potential buyers prioritise the quality of the windows in the property’s that they view. This is because, if a home has new insulated windows, the buyer will not have to replace them themselves. Usually, people are willing to pay more on the value if they know the windows have been newly replaced and upgraded to double or triple glazing. This feature is a great selling point to any home and can put any property ahead of competition on the market.

Reduces Noise From Outdoors

Due to the triple panes of glass that makes up the windows, this significantly decreases the level of noise travelling into the property from the outdoors. You will no longer be disrupted by neighbours, children, cars, and pets. Similarly, you will not be disrupting your neighbours with the noise from within, as this glass works both ways for excellent noise reduction.