June 15, 2020

Retail Is Changing

Day by day the world around us is changing. One of the biggest industries to see some significant movement in the way that it operates altogether has been the retail industry. The retail industry can be directly influenced by significant external events as well as consumer demands and technology. Lets look further at the ways that it is changing in 2020.

Adapting To Crisis

Without doubt , the most significant development in 2020 has been the development of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has reached every corner of the globe. It is changing retail as we know it because the virus can be easily transferred within closed spaces.

Therefore , every precaution needs to be taken within the retail sector as well as other sectors such as hospitality and the private sector industries in order to protect people.

One of the key ways in which retail is rising to this challenge is through the use of social distancing within stores as well as large screens. Social distancing will be strictly adhered to in the coming months in order to ensure that people are safe within stores.

In addition to this , stores are being regularly sanitised in order to protect employees and staff alike.

Implementing Change

As well as preparing for what challenges the corona virus pandemic may bring , there are a number of other ways in which retail is having to adapt and overcome new challenges.

One of the new main challenges facing the industry is taking on the online giants such as Amazon or Ebay. One of the main issues is that because these online services are often so cheap and easy to use , more people then tend to use online services to order important items rather than retail.

Therefore , in the near future retailers will have to work harder to prove that their items and goods are worth more than those that can be found online. One of the best ways in which this can be done is by featuring promotions and discounts exclusively for customers in-store.

As well as doing this , setting up loyalty schemes for customers is another excellent way in which customers can be retained. This may also encourage them to spend more in-store.

Planning For The Future

Arguably for most retailers , one of the most important decisions that they can make is to plan for the near future. Planning for the near future means that they can take steps to prepare for any eventualities. Unfortunately signifcant global crisis such as coronavirus could not really have been predicted.

However , there has been remarkable progress and a considerable amount of steps taken in order to plan for the future and to help better equip retailers for any further issues that might arise. It is important that resilience groups are set amongst retailers.

This will allow for the fast and effective transfer of knowledge in order to prepare for any similar issues in the near future. Retailers working together to tackle an issue could well benefit the wider industry for many years to come.

October 1, 2019

How Are Shopping Habits Changing In The UK?

When it comes to shopping in the UK there has been significant change in the way people are shopping in the country in the whole. This is down to a range of important internal and external factors which have all had a part to play in the unfortunate downfall of the British high street.

The Rise Of Online Shopping

Online shopping has arguably been one of the biggest changes to hit the British high street and it has had a significant effect on shopping habits across the country. One of the main reasons why online shopping is so popular is the simplicity of the entire shopping process.

With online shopping items can be bought at the touch of a button with very little effort or thought needed. Furthermore items can be delivered directly to a home address which adds to the overall simplicity and effectiveness of the process overall.

Another key reason why online shopping is overtaking traditional high street shops in terms of sales is the prices available online. Often items that can be found online may be considerably cheaper than the ones available in store. This means that people are more likely to make purchases online as they can gain better value for money. One of the reasons for this is increasing numbers of goods have been made available from multiple locations across the world .