7 Successful Young Entrepreneurs and What They Do

Pretty much everyone dreams of being successful, but these successful entrepreneurs have made it big at a young age.

William Zhou

Co-founder and CEO of chalk.com, a website designed to be like Microsoft Office for teachers. The website makes making lesson plans, assessments and collaboration on projects easy for teachers. It also promotes personalised education and ever since its release has been driving students’ success.

He said, “I had always thought that teaching is an easy job. I thought teachers taught from a textbook and got 3 months off in a year. It wasn’t until I visited my own high school teachers that I realized it’s not the case.”


Adam Lipecz

The founder and CEO of Codie, a toy robot and app that is designed to teach pre-teens computer coding. In this digital age, a lot more profit and non-profit organisations are investing in this sort of industry and training.

 AJ Cihla

Is the CEO and founder of Colitris. This is a mobile app that allows businesses to take their companies international, these are things such as adapting to target new languages and cultures, I process that without the app is extremely costly and time-consuming.

He says; “Our mission is to give great apps a global impact, regardless of team size or resources. Colatris is breaking down language barriers for mobile apps. Awesome technology should work effectively with any foreign languages.”


Daniel Fine

His brother has suffered from diabetes since she was 7, so Daniel founded the company Dosed at aged 11 and is still the CEO today, along with his co-founder brother. Their motto is “saving life’s and finding a cure.” Dosed is an app that allows people with diabetes to get accurate figures for nutritional information and insulin dosage. This helps eliminate the risk of calculation errors by not allowing things to chance and human error.


Sam Shames

Embr labs believe that individuals should have access to temperature control. Not only to reduce energy consumption but to improve people’s comfort.  The company’s first product Wristify is a personal thermostat that helps individuals stay comfortable by having access to heating and cooling on demand.


Aaron Goldstein

The company Fever Smart developed this idea after one of the co-founders had to undergo chemotherapy treatment, it was then he identified the need for continuous temperature monitoring.  The product is a non-invasive, real-time temperature monitoring system and works continuously and remotely. It enables users to catch potentially dangerous health issues through early detection.  Aaron is CEO and co-founder along with his sister who is co-founder and COO.


Sarah Tulin

Founder and CEO of Oxie, which is the first, smart, and wearable air purifier. It’s small enough to fit under your collar and purifies the air around you without having to wear an obtrusive and uncomfortable dust mask. The idea was first realised when Sarah was hit by a cloud of bus smoke on the way to work and realised just how bad the air pollution was.