5 Ways to use Twitter for Customer Service

Twitter has quickly become the wealth of communication in the digital world. Users can quickly connect with their clients and audience whilst drawing in potential leads for their business by using this microblogging platform. Although Twitter can be a good channel to use for customer service there are drawbacks such as the restricted character count. This means you must respond quickly to your client’s tweets whilst keeping your brand and tone in check. Here we have 6 ways to use Twitter effectively for customer service.

Response Time
Your clients and audience will expect you to respond quickly to any social media messages similarly to phone calls. If you do decide to use Twitter as part of your customer service strategy be sure to have a plan in place for quick responses that are personalised. Use the speed of this platform to your advantage. Rule of thumb is to try and reply within 5 minutes of receiving the message.

Personalised Experience
Another important aspect of using Twitter as a form of customer service is giving your client personalised support from your brand. You are speaking to your customers through the face of your brand. Therefore, you want to make your clients experience as pleasant as possible since it is a very public response. Try and replicate a face-to-face response which will give you the best results. Other simple ways to personalise your tweets is by using the client’s name if possible, end your response with your name and personalise your Twitters bio. This will build trust with your client base.

Direct Messaging
A good way to help more people in a shorter space of time is by using your direct messaging. If you encounter a wide spread problem use these following steps to help deal with the issue quickly and effectively.
Public Tweet – Send out one public tweet explaining the situation, further information and any solution strategy in place. This will be the first thing users will see on your profile.
@mentions – Try and reply to to any @mention tweets with DM’s. This will avoid cluttering your brands stream with @replies and you can then go into more detail with customer.
Switching back – When the problem looks to be resolved try switching over to @replies to regular questions and requests.

Customer Service for All
This is a relatively new idea to try where you provide customer support to people who aren’t your customers. By helping people who have questions or problems that are within your business’s industry but not directly related to your products and services can be a fantastic way to generate new leads.