Rare whisky: All you should know

To many whisky enthusiasts, opening a bottle with friends is always a nice experience even if it is done over and over again. Especially if the whisky is of good quality, rare, expensive or just considered a luxury. Many people and collectors are ready to pay a huge amount of money to just own a bottle of an old or special edition bottle. This combined with the increasing appetite for whisky worldwide is creating a price surge for the rare blends. Rare whisky have had their prices increase by up to thirty percent in just one year.

Rare Whisky
Why whisky becomes rare
Some of the rare whisky comes from distilleries that have since ceased their operations. Their whisky is sold out in stores making the remaining bottles become scarce and hard to find. This increases the price steeply. People in possession of rare whisky can sell to collectors and investors who store it and sell later at their desired prices. In the early days, only distillers and blenders were able to benefit from sales of rare whisky but recently with the rare whisky sites, people are now able to buy and sell rare whisky that is in their possession. The Rare Malt Whisky Company is an example of an online shop that has a wide variety of rare malt whiskies.

Whisky also becomes rare when distilleries release limited or special edition of whisky. The number of bottles may be limited to a certain number such that they are all sold. With time they decrease in number and become rare to find. This increases the price drastically. The whiskies are distilled once and its production ceased. Such production may never be released again and this only serves to increase the price. Such may be the whisky that has matured for a long time before being bottled or from special malt made at the distilleries. It stays in their warehouses for some time and bottled for sale.

Old and vintage whiskies are also rare. Since distillation of whisky was started commercially, it has been several centuries and some of the whisky may still some people’s possession. Whisky can stay for a very long time and when bottled, it does not change the taste. Some whisky from over two centuries old is still available although very rare and expensive. Some casks may be lost or laying in warehouses. Vintage whisky is preferred by investors who buy and wait for some years for the price to increase and sell at a profit.

Rare Whisky

Rare whisky as an investment.
Investment in old and rare whisky is booming business this days with thousands of investors putting their money to buy every piece they can find. These are then sold to collectors and people who like luxury drinks. Like gold investors, they just buy and hold onto it for as long as they can and sell at a profit. Many people may take it as a risky business but if you chose the right whisky, prices can only go up. It is also possible to buy from distillers and keep the whisky in their warehouses until the need to sell arises. The investor may be required to pay rent for the warehouses. Some distillers also have buy-back plans to buy the whisky from the investors.