Where to Go For Rolex Watch Repair

Having a high end watch takes a lot of looking after. Whether it is sentimental as it was a gift from someone special, or it is important as it was an investment, it is likely that you will want to keep it as good as new as possible. Therefore it is important to have somewhere professional that you can take your timepiece for Rolex watch repair services. Not only for if it breaks but you keep it maintained and in pristine working order. Repairs By Post are a Rolex watch repair service offering high end, expert Rolex maintenance.

Image of post box you can use for Rolex watch repair

Rolex Watch Repair with Repairs By Post

There are many reasons why Repairs By Post are a popular choice when it comes to Rolex watch repair. First of all they are a team of experienced and highly skilled watchmakers and designers therefore are knowledgeable in horology industry and have undergone professional training giving them the necessary skills to repair watches with precision. Secondly Repairs By Post provide an accredited Rolex watch repair service through the Rolex Accredited repair company they utilise. Repairs By Post use only original Rolex parts and will repair your watch to Rolex standards. The quality of craftsmanship will be equal to that of Rolex.


Why Choose Repairs By Post

You may be thinking there are other Rolex watch repair services out there and are still unsure as to why Repairs By Post are the best option for your repairs. However you may also realise that high end watch repair services are usually very expensive and there may not be an accredited Rolex watch repair service near where you live. We all live busy lives. Between work, family and trying to squeeze in a social life plus any other responsibilities you may have it is hard to find time to travel for watch repair. Repairs By Post do as the name suggests, they offer convenient and speedy watch repairs. You only have to travel as far as your nearest post office when sending it away and it will be returned right to your door.

Image of watch undergoing Rolex watch repair

How Does Repairs By Post Work?

All you need to do is complete the online contact form on the Repairs By Post Website detailing your watch and the repairs required. The company will provide you with a postage note so that you can send your watch off to be fixed with the knowledge that the parcel is insured. Insurance varies depending on the value of the watch. If your watch is extremely valuable Repairs By Post can send you out a special secure postage package that is highly insured to give you piece of mind that your watch will be safe in transit. They aim to fix your watch within two weeks and you have a minimum of 12 months guarantee. If you are looking for Rolex watch repair services then Repairs By Post is definitely the most convenient, quickest and most reliable service available to the entire UK.