Trump vs Twitter

On Thursday people searching for Trump’s personal twitter account @realdonaldtrump were met with a message reading; “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Twitter initially called it a ‘human error’ but later admitted that the account was infact deleted by a customer support employee on their last day. The account was deleted for 11 minutes before it was rectified.

Donald Trump is known for causing controversy on social media, with Twitter his undeniably favourite platform to spout nonsense and offend thousands.

Here are just a small number of Trump tweets that made people wish his account got deleted sooner, and permanently!

Barack Obama

Trump is no stranger to using social media to bash influential people and celebrities, and he has had a lot to say about Barack Obama over the years. Back in 2012 he tweeted complaining about Obama playing golf during his presidency, and again in 2014.

Fast forward to Trumps presidency and he has played golf 29 times in his first year alone, compared to Obama’s 22 times in his first year. I spy a hypocrite.


This tweet recently caused a lot of controversy, hours after one of the worst deadly mass shootings in American history, which killed 59 people and injured more than 500 in Las Vegas. Trump was branded “unsympathetic” and this was called a pathetic attempt at consoling America in such a dark hour.

People also noticed that nothing was mentioned about the attacker – a 64-year-old white male.  It is no secret that Trump loves to talk about terrorism.

Pretty much every time there is a terrorist attack Trump is quick to jump on twitter and let the world know exactly what he thinks. Back in September Teresa May was vocal about how unhelpful Trumps tweets were during an ongoing investigation on the Parsons Square terrorist attack in London, which saw 22 people injured.


This angered people even more when Trump tweeted about the Las Vegas shooting, as the word terrorist was not mentioned once. Why was this word not mentioned? Plain and simple, because the attacker was a white American. If his skin had been any other colour it would have been a completely different story. Just something to think about. Many people have noticed and have even went as far as calling him a racist (more than understandable with his previous track record and his father’s ties to the KKK.)

The Treatment of Women

Unsurprisingly, here is some more hypocrisy from The Donald. Back in 2013 Trump tweeted about the Anthony Weiner sexual abuse scandal.

Three short years later a tape was released of Trump making heinous and offensive remarks about “grabbing women by the [genitals]” and insisting it was OK to do so as he is “a star”. Following this came a whole string of sexual assault allegations including; kissing women on the mouth and inappropriately touching them without consent, making inappropriate comments about women’s bodies, and numerous other claims which span back decades.

Despite this people seemed to focus on Hilary and ‘those emails’ and Trump became president anyway.


A lot of tweets have come back to bite Trump, let’s just hope this one does too.