November 10, 2017

Tips for Increased Productivity

One Goal in Mind at a Time

Overexerting yourself is a big factor in making you feel demotivated and unproductive. Set yourself a goal, and meet it before starting the next one. That way your mind won’t be split between multiple tasks and stresses. You also need to learn to say no. When you have too much to do piling on more workloads isn’t a good idea.

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November 6, 2017

The Dangers of Drinking Energy Juice

Whether it’s once in a blue moon, or you can’t start your day without it, almost everyone has tried some sort of energy drink. But what are the risks posed by drinking it excessively?

Here are just some of the dangers associated with drinking too much energy juice;

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November 3, 2017

Trump vs Twitter

On Thursday people searching for Trump’s personal twitter account @realdonaldtrump were met with a message reading; “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” Twitter initially called it a ‘human error’ but later admitted that the account was infact deleted by a customer support employee on their last day. The account was deleted for 11 minutes before it was rectified.

Donald Trump is known for causing controversy on social media, with Twitter his undeniably favourite platform to spout nonsense and offend thousands.

Here are just a small number of Trump tweets that made people wish his account got deleted sooner, and permanently!

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