Treatment Methods for Low AMH Levels

The Anti-Mullerian Hormone is essential in the female’s body. It makes or breaks your chances of achieving natural pregnancy. However, the AMH level decreases as you age. 

AMH maintains your ovarian reserve. In easy words, ovarian reserve is the egg quantity in your ovaries. And with age and other factors, the ovarian reserves decrease. As a result, it leads to a couple of fertility issues. 

Knowing your AMH levels can help you determine which time is best for you to get pregnant or freeze your embryos for the future. So, going for the AMH test is the wisest step of all. If your AMH value is low in the Anti-Mullerian hormone test, you should get treatment from your medical consultant without delay. 

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Can Low AMH Level Cause Infertility?

The low levels of Anti-Mullerian Hormone don’t solely cause infertility. A Low AMH level indicates you have a low ovarian reserve. In easy words, it means you have a limited number of eggs in your ovaries. A limited number of eggs means you have limited chances of getting pregnant. 

4 Home Treatments to Improve Your AMH Levels 

There needs to be a specified plan for treating low AMH levels. But that doesn’t mean you should be hopeless. There are some ways in which you can increase your AMH level. 

Some of the most effective treatments for low AMH levels include; 

  • Daily light exercise
  • Acupuncture
  • Increase Vitamin D Intake
  • Take DHEA Supplements 

Daily Exercise 

Exercise doesn’t increase your AMH levels. However, some medical studies have shown that daily exercising or physical activity for 30 minutes could boost the production of the Anti-Mullerian hormone. 

You can add daily 30 minutes of running or cardio into your day. Make sure you are consistent with your physical activity. Go for the AMH test after exercising or doing light exercise regularly for a month. 


Women experience a natural decline in their ovarian reserve as they age. But with today’s unhealthy diet and irregular activities, young women are also experiencing low AMH levels. Acupuncture is a natural process that helps boost the low levels of AMH. 

A Low AMH level means you have a high FSH level. This is a hormonal imbalance that can lower your chances of getting pregnant. 

Acupuncture boosts blood flow and circulation in your body. Hence it improves the low levels of AMH and helps in regaining the menstrual cycles. 

Increase Vitamin D Intake

Vitamin D regulates the calcium and phosphate amount in your body. Increasing your intake of Vitamin D can have a significant improvement on your AMH levels. Vitamin D aims to improve the average AMH production by boosting the granulose cells. Eggs, dairy products, soybeans, and fish are rich in Vitamin D. 

Take DHEA Supplements 

We recommend taking a DHEA supplement daily to improve your pregnancy chances. DHEA supplements (Dehydroepiandrosterone) are great for women with diminished ovarian reserve. These supplements reduce the chances of developing aneuploidy in old-age pregnancy, which leads to miscarriage.

Adding DHEA supplements to your routine can significantly improve the AMH level. The supplement contains a hormone that is a precursor for the production of reproductive hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen. 

Final Words

You can experience a low level of AMH for a couple of reasons. Some people think that their diet is the leading cause, while others believe stress is the only cause. Whatever the case, we recommend going for a quick AMH test and consultation with your physician before you try any of the above treatments.